Reflect…Blog Post 7 – budgeting – due Saturday March 25th @ 11:59pm

Reflect…Blog Post 7 – budgeting – due Saturday March 25th @ 11:59pm

  • Return to your home group with your new budget
  • Discuss your mixed staff group’s decision
  • Reflect… Use Excel to create a budget for the library that addresses (or does not address!) the interests of the employees/board and the community, and the fact that the SOLS databases are no longer available for free. Now, your library must pay $1,256.00/year to access the databases. Include the cost of the databases in your new budget.  Be sure to balance the budget with a 5% cut or a 1% increase to your budget.  Briefly defend your budget decisions for a cut or an increase. Post your Excel spreadsheet as a Google Spreadsheet on your blog, and make sure I can open it and click on the cells to view your formulas. 

Here is the Link to the Excel spreadsheet

Reason  for Budget

I did the 5 %  cut to everyone since we had to now pay more for databases and that the year before materials had the 1 % increase.

Utilities & facilities, Phone & fax, Internet stay the same since it is a fixed budget.

Staff training was cut again since there will not be any new permeant positions for 2017.

The library is only taking on volunteer students and unpaid field placement students in the LIT program.

Computers was cut by $500 because the library already bought new computers in the last two years and have no issue with them.

Materials had a cut but had a bigger increase to AV since more of the patrons ( Adults included) prefer to listen to books than reading them from a recent survey. Patron hardly are reading a lot of magazines, and prefer


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