Blog Post 6 – Part A – Planning and organizing YOUR work – due Saturday March 11th @ 11:59pm

Use the ST/AR interview answer format to answer the following interview question:

In this position, you will be responsible for supervising student volunteers.  There are between 10-12 student volunteers at the library.  You will be expected to supervise these students, in addition to planning and delivering weekly children’s programming activities and events, writing monthly reports about goals and achievements in your department, working at the reference desk 8-10 hours per week and assisting with library-wide projects.  Describe a situation where you’ve had a similar workload and describe how you’ve successfully managed your time to accomplish your work. 

Make sure it is OBVIOUS what the situation or task was, the ACTION that you took, and the RESULTS.  Remember to use identify what YOU did!  This is YOUR chance to sell yourself!   Make sure you use the keywords from the interview question in your answer:  TIME MANAGEMENT

  • Situation
  • Task
  • Action
  • Result

Situation –  When I was doing placement at my high school library, I was asked to assist a two-day job with the summer school program to create reports, catalogue and check in and out textbooks and tools for the summer school students and/or teachers. My teacher -librarian and mentor at the time had work with them before and had conflicts with them about them not listening and following instructions. Since my mentor could not be there the day they ask since of a injury, they requested me. 

Task –  My task was simple. I was to come in to give them training with the database, create reports and set up an excel spreadsheet of all the student’s information and check in and out books for them that they requested at all. 

Action –  The day I went in, they were surprise to see me because apparently, they already finished the job without help and was meant to call me not to come in. It was not five minutes later they had a issue. The “report” had disappeared, none of the books were actually in the library system, nor where they in a report for them and half the collection was not needed.  I had to check in all 900 textbooks and check them all out again and create the report that was not in  the system and process some of the textbooks. 

Result  – I ended up doing a two day job within a six hour time frame. I was determined to clean up the situation that was not meant to even happen. I quickly create a Trello account and lay out tasks I had to get done and asked for one more person to assist with me. I created a color corrindated list of task for myself to do, what the summer program coordinator had to do.  I accomplished not only to catalogue all the books back in the system, create a new report for them to keep track of each student and teacher who had them, I learned not to walk away from a job or get angry with the conflict at hand. I could have told them to fix it themselves and walk away. Instead I train them and show them how not to make repeat the same mistake again. I sent a week later instructions to the head of the summer school program about what to do at the  end of the summer when the books have to go back on the shelf in the textbook room. 



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