Open Access

Blog Post 2 – Open Access – due Saturday January 14th @ 11:59pm

Watch the video:


In your own words, define and describe Open Access.  How does it impact the services at an academic library?  Identify both points of view about an issue mentioned in the video.  Which point of view reflects your opinion on the issue?  Why?

“Open Access” is new access model available to all meaning free, Immediate, research articles, online, with full re-use rights content all over the world.  Instead being limited to certain primary sources, paying an absurd fee for a year subscription for 15 or more academic classes, and only having a limited number of faculty staff and students to access, it would restrict paying that large fee and providing freedom to read and spread scientific discovery and encourage innovation. This model will be accessible to the general public, give recognition to researches, as well give the opportunity for new researcher and scientist to read it, cite and experience themselves. Not only is it expensive from the author to pay a leg and arm to have their article review and printed in a journal, but academic libraries having to pay more from the journals publishers to subscribe to the one journal for 365 days or less. It’s silly. I thought buying textbooks that are worth $200.oo is a lot, imagine being a academic library paying for ONE subscription that’s over $1000.00. Learning should not cost that much. Learning, like reading should free. An academic library is responsible for their patrons who are faculty, students, researches and sometime, the general public. In the academic mission statements their key points is to enhance teaching and learning, acquire, preserve and make accessible scholarly resources, enrich discovery. They invest in providing scholar resources. That means in a realistic sense should be able to provide any article that their clients need. Not the case!!! The cost is too much to afford a year subscription and to keep buying them for clients “think” is relevant to their studies (issues with Abstracts not giving a detailed enough or if the article is relevant to what the client search for). With Open Access, clients of academic library can access these restricted articles. This benefits the authors of the material as well from having their work expose, read and cited by innovative fellow scientists. This is increase the science knowledge and learning. This can be access over the world. Academic libraries can deliver the best quality and quaintly of primary resources. The government pays grants to scientist to bring scientist discovery- it should not be restricted from learners hands. Open Access is the model academic libraries for scholar articles to give the best for their clients. 



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