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Blog post:  You work at the local newspaper.  A journalist appears/emails/calls/texts you and says she’s writing a story and needs to know (ASAP!)…  Post a link to the video your group made to answer the question assigned to your group.  If you did not attend class and would still like to complete this assignment, please email Sue by April 1st @ noon.  Sue will assign a reference question for you to answer.


Part One : 

Add a CANSIM table that’s relevant to your Special Topic to your government services pathfinder.


Part two 

}It’s drama time!

}In groups of three…

}Find the answer

}Choose one person to be the newspaper library’s LIT

}Choose one person to be the journalist

}Choose one person to the be video-recorder

}Dramatize the reference question and demonstrate and explain how to answer it using information from Statistics Canada

}Upload your video to youtube

}Send your link to Sue

}Post a link to your video on your blog (5%)

Abbby and I Pathway video

Using government reports to solve dilemmas

Reference Question :

Students are making decisions about their future this month.  We’re writing an article on the shortfall of labour in the skilled trades.  Can you find us some statistics about the apprenticeship pathway?


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