Blog Post Two: UDL Due Sunday March 13th @ 11:59pm

Blog Post Two: UDL – Due Sunday March 13th @ 11:59pm

Here is the link to the college’s UDL resources for faculty:

Please explore the topics on the site.

Please complete this learning tutorial:

When you are finished, answer the following question:

  • Question: A professor learns that he has two students in his class this semester with disabilities. One student has visual impairment and has difficulty reading printed documents. The other student has a learning disability and has difficulty comprehending complex concepts. Describe 5 ways the professor can make the course more accessible.

If you used the CAFE website to answer the question, insert a link to the section of the website that helped you answer the question.   Post your answer on your blog and be prepared to discuss it in class next week.

Answer : 

A proffessor can make his class course  more accessible for his students with learning disabilites is that : 

 1.  The first step is to create an Accessible document using UDL ( Universial Design for Learnning) that will ensure that they able to read, hear ad see all in a written document or powerpoint. Accessiable documents can make it easier to read, view and listen to those students who have visble, hearing and auditory disabilites. Acessible documents is the principle of providing multiple means of representation that is learners of various ways to acquring information and knowledge.

2. The second step is to keep instructions brief and uncomplicated as much as possible. When repeating instructions, repeat exactly without paraphrasing ( n.d,n.d.)

3. Professor can request for a Notetaker 

4. Professor can have a checklist of all assigments posted online or written in a agenda of weekly, bi weekly or monthly of whats due that month

5. Professor can have a advance organizer of lesson, a great way for a student to interpet information

Cite Work

Teaching Strategies for Vision Impaired Students. (n.d.). Retrieved March 13, 2016, from




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