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Post your question to your blog.  Be prepared to demonstrate how to answer the questions to another pair next week.

The Question ( MINE ) :  I am wondering what’s Bill 139 , currently being discussed in the Ontario Legislature?

Answer :  

  1.   Click the link  – to bring you to the homepage of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. 
  2. On the left side of where the green headings, click the Debates and Proceedings   ( ) It will bring you to a new page where it will bring you to a listing of all the recent additions of debates and proceedings happening in The Ontario Legislature is currentlty in session. 
  3.  To find Bill 139 since it is not an recent addition, scroll down to the sub text Status of Business. Click Current bills ( )
  4. The page will be brought Bills from current session where you can do two things to find the Bill 139. You can click 139  of Public bills index or scroll down to Bill titles search to type in ” Bill 139 “
  5. It will bring you to Bill 139 where you can click to view the full Bill index. (  Once here you can veiw the Bill summary, the status of the Bill, the debates and acts affected to the bill.




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