Part Two – Marketing Assignment – 10%

Select three different library marketing or PR items available at the vendor displays at OLA SuperConference.  Use the template below to evaluate each of the three selected items.  Plus = positive comment about the item; Minus = a negative comment about the item; Interesting = a comment about one of the item’s features that you found to be interesting.  Submit to the instructor by the due date:  Wed. Feb. 3rd.


Tinlids Butons

 Public relation tool : Buttons/ Pins

Plus : Big rounded pins with quirky words to grab librarians/ readers attention. Too promote ” Forest of reading”, ” Freedom to read and Banned books” and the service Tinlids. 

Minus : The buttons are quite large and there only one size for them. Only white, pink and green. I wish they had other colors or chnage the font colour.

Intersting: I only saw Tinlids with buttons. No other booth I                                                         saw  had them . Which I though was odd since buttons                                                         are a popular tool for PR.



Groundwood Books

Plus : Its adoreable for one thing , it was very handy for the OLA conference to carry around bookets.

Minus : The bag is very small and only a few ( 2 or 3 ) booklets can fit in the bag.

Interesting : It has a dog and hedgegog on it ( really really adorable).







Varies of bookmarks

PR Tools : Bookmarks

Plus : They can can be use to promote new books, information about a virtual database, to promote authors and libraries. You can make them colorful, vibrant , pictures/ designs informtational text, social media contact, qoutes from the book or authors, anything to get the message of what you want out there. ( Plus, Every reader needs a bookmark).

Minus : Some of them are too small and not very appealling , not all the space of the book mark  ( manly white)is being  used and have too much text.

Interesting : When I went to the Database booths and Proquest) and Techology booths, they handed me a                                                            book mark and wrote a site to check out and their email. I                                                      didn’t know Databases companies would have bookmarks                                                       as a promotoinal tool.




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