Family Literacy Day !!


Happy family literacy day to all families who want to IMPROVE their family literacy – reading and writing skills – all by doing fun activities that take 15 minutes – literally.  I remember my mother used to read His dark materials: The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman to my siblings and I. Then we had to watch the movie after even though it was nothing like the books (Much better) I just love to sit, cuddle on the couch with my siblings in our pyjamas, drinking hot chocolate while we listen to my mom read to use, changing her voices to let us know when a character was speaking and just bringing the book to life. It was really my mom that got me to improve my reading and writing skills, so thank-you mom for introducing the book world to me.  Here, I decided to read to you. The Wolf-birds by Willow Dawson a beautiful illustrated picture book for everyone. I even got to meet the author yesterday and get a signed copy by her. She such a sweetheart and amazing author.

Enjoy ! and Happy family literacy day !!

Check out ABC’S website for any 15 mins of fun for your family to do !





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