CS2 – blog post 1 – PR – due January 9th @ 11:59pm

Question : 

  • Find Public Relations (PR) examples used by libraries. Choose one example and use the OMER format to explain why you think it’s an example of PR for the library.  Cite what you read in the article by Cavill as evidence that your sample is an example of PR.  Provide a link to the example that you found.

Answer : 

The one example I found that libraries use for public relations to let Users/Clients/ Patrons know who the library is, what their collection is like and what they do or have available for the general public is the use of bookmarks.  As a kid and still today even, I would lose my bookmarks! I always then had to stick random objects (an unsharpened pencil, a brand new nail filer, paper, paper clips and even Q-tips!) I would go nuts if I did not have something to mark my page in a book without a bookmark because I am one of those sticklers for not folding the top corner of the page. So, I would race to library to grab free bookmarks that were the fun, quirky, and eye catching ones. Libraries tend to use bookmarks be a one-way communication; it is our ‘getting our message out’[i] ( Cavill, Patricia, 2001). They are easy and convenient to give out to an vast community. The library would have so many bookmarks that had something to promote the library itself, promoting new books and authors (quotes, the cover of the book, or the author picture), promote literacy such as the TD reading program, Forest of reading, Get away @yourlibrary and banned books. The bookmarks were not always for children; they were to promote teens, adults and seniors to read and visit the library more often by designing the bookmarks from books, movies and famous celebs.

[i] Cavill, Patricia. “Advocacy: How Does It Differ From Public Relations And Marketing?.” Feliciter 47.2 (2001): 90-93. Library Literature & Information Science Full Text (H.W. Wilson). Fri. 8 Jan. 2016.

“2015 Banned Books Week Bookmark – Bookmarks – Events and Celebrations – Products for Young Adults – ALA Store.” 2015 Banned Books Week Bookmark – Bookmarks – Events and Celebrations – Products for Young Adults – ALA Store. ALA, 2015. Web. 9 Jan. 2016.


Promoting literacy


Bookmarks can come into many designs


This is a promotion for a YA novels to get Readers to be intrigue of a new series


ALA promoting bookmarks for libraries to handout for Banned books week 


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