Week Twelve – Library Asssociations

Question : Does the person you are job shadowing belong to any library and information science professional association? If yes which one and why?

Answer : 

(Trish John Wilson) :

Unfortunately, we don’t have individual memberships provided through work, but we do have an institutional membership to both OLA and CLA. Ideally, I should have my own individual membership to both of those institutions but I have never gotten around to it (possibly too cheap?? J).

As the justice/law librarian for Durham College, I also monitor listservs for associations like CALL and TALL (Canadian Association of Law Libraries and Toronto Association of Law Libraries), although I do not have memberships to either, simply due to the fact that we do not have a large PD fund (professional development) through work.

Ideally, having memberships to both the provincial and federal associations would be useful as they tend to deal with different issues and from different perspectives. In general, I find that belonging to an association (particularly as a new grad) is really helpful as it allows you to connect with other people in the profession (great for job hunting), learn about issues that affect the library world and generally allow you to feel part of a larger community.

Wilson – Johns, Tris. Personal interview. Novemeber 27 th2015.


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