Week Ten- Techincal Services

Question : 

Describe the techincal services area at your field placement and how techincal services are delivered ( eg. Outsourced, in-house, centrally managed).

Answer : 

Technical services

  • Academic services
  • Shared service – university and college
  • Techincian librarians operate the back of the library
  • University and college budget.
  • Resources prepare and attain
  • 64 000 , six books per student, in the library
  • Durham college has 11 000, 4 books per student, in the library
  • Durham college print and electronic – 75 % are digital, 25 % ( print or hard copy)
  • OUIT -, 10 % print, 95 % e journals, streaming videos, all students have access too.
  • 150 computers (North Oshawa campus).
  • Budget- 4 million dollars, staff, Durham College and UOIT.
  • Budget freeze ( A challenge)
  • Leisure books – spend the money at chapters
  • Influence / suggestion by patron
  • 12 years – pre. Tech a single company, two full time staff, four branches location.


  • Carol ( associate librarain for collections) looks after Acquistions and ordering for collections)
  •  Tracking of orders
  • Invoicing
  • Keeping file
  • Physicals processing – stamping , adding record IS
  • Integration – BIB records, copy cataloging and new items.
  • Tech varies of different jobs.
  • Maintenance – discarding material, ordering, replaced and repair
  • Cannot be kept for long time, weeding out.


  • Count on what we have and what’s being used, take out, aspect report stats, Canadian assisocation research,
  • Sirsi Dynix, module, technical services, reporting and acquisitions
  • Vendors, coutts / proquest ( DC AND UIOT)
  • YBP ( divi of EBSCO ) GOBI UOIT only
  • OCLS ( ontario  college library services)
  • Oclc LTS

When I was at my placement not only did I get to do some In house porcessing ( stamping the prints with personal stamps and placing the RFD tag in  the back of the books) – the barcodes and the spine label and Marc record where already done by the service center- I got to see how the invoices were created when purchasing a book online from the vendors, transactive between the colleges and collection developers and when they come in the mail and have to file them online – claiming you have the invoice since there mail seperate- and actiavating the record when processing is complete. Seeing how Techinal service works was amazing because I love processing and catalolging. I also got to see some copy cataloguing as well making a new record.


About Librarian information and Tech at Durham

Librarian Information and Tech
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