Week Nine – Role of Library and Information Technician ( LIT) @ Durham college/ UOIT libraries


Describe the workplace setting and role of the LIT at your placement. How is it similar to the description discussed in class ? How is it different? Include a job description for the person you are job shadowing and use this to support your response. 

Response :

The workplace setting at my placement was bees in  a hives nest. It’s tight and students and faculty members are always coming in and out of the library. There four levels of the library that have quiet zones for each floor to have people who want silence to be upstairs and those who wants to chat with their friends or for a group project are in the den and first floor. each floor has varies of seating that can be filled pretty quickly. There 10 % prints ( books and magazines ) and 95% electonric  ( e journals, e books and streaming videos) and every Librarian ( LIT, Reference, cirucluation and technicans) all have a role  into contributing to more than one of their job. Every librarain tecnician I shadowed with is pleasent and very welcoming for when patrons ( UOIT and Durham students and faculty members) come up to ask that are directional, informstional and resourceful, or instructional). When I was able to work at the reference desk, my job was to go through the UOIT discovery layer and the Durham college discovery layer to compare what is similar and different to finding ” Natural language” in the catalogue and search through the subject guides and refineing the search to find specfic scholary journals or just books on Natural language. Anther thing, I learned when I was at the Reference desk when I was with Tris and Alison ( Tris a librarain and Alison a reference librarain) is how Interlibrary loan works from using EBSCO host. There is about nine refernce librarains who take one hour to three rounds at reference desk with one IT. Many Durham and UOIT students who came to the reference desk had thought I was a reference librarain and asked me questions! I had to reply by ” I m sorry, I am only job shadowing for the hour, however ( name) can assisst you with your questions. Thank you.”  By the end of hour of shadowing refernce desk, I had become familar with the type of questions students or faculty members asked to be check out on a spread sheet that would be later transfer to the computer datbase on a excel spreadsheet to tally data.

What skills and workplace expectarions regarding computer skills and communication skills ( reading, writing,verbal) is knowing the basic of Word, how to use excecl to  make spreadsheets for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports, how to make three to five minute tutorials on how to use the library database or for intructions purposes, know an idea of what North campus collection has ( print and eletronic) and what databases and indexes the library has to offer to find information – there is the Social Science and faculty of Education branches to considor- ask if the patron is a durham or UOIT student ( VERY VERY IMPORTANT) because a Durham parton cannot use the UOIT  database and vice versa since each database is seperate – Partons can get onto each of thr database however if they want a full text of an article and some they need their student username and password. And lastly be able to write emails ( fast typing skills) because most of reqeusting reserves is online and ASK ON, a virtual reference librarian to answer questions.



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