Week Eleven – Client services

At North Oshawa campus academic library the librarains are respectful and approachable for every parton that comes into the library daily. They do not discrimate and be jargon toward their clients as peers that works beside them. They have to asked every patron though if they are a Durham college student or a UOIT  student since the website for both are separate and each have a different contents fr0m the type of programs proivded from each school and type of resoures for specfic research purposes, even though either or can take out anything ( except online materials). They answer to every question to the best of their abiltiy and if they need help, they ask other libarains. The client services available at my placement  is having to take print and electronics out, requesting resevres for 3 hours, one day or three days, having small kits (charger cords, eraser markers etc.)tto sign out, over 150 computers to access the web and databases, four levels of silence for studying purposes, group study rooms, a silent study room, comfort seating  such as chairs and couches, a large fireplace to sit in the Reading room, a large den for all students to access and much more. There are two large library classrooms with desktop computers for faculy members to request to used as well for classes provided from the library for learning opportuinties and sessions. Downstairs, the archrives is open to those who makes appoiments to see documents of the library, the nuaclear and engery organiztions, history documents, published thesises from gradurated students, PHDS and Master’s ( Cannot take out) and UOIT documents.

(Trish Johns – Wilson) :

we don’t really have laws, etc, but we do have a mandate and certain written policies & procedures on the library website

–          Durham College library site, under ‘About the Library’ and then follow the library policy and related documents link to the following page to see building use info, collection development, etc,:  http://www.durhamcollege.ca/student-experience/learning-spaces/library/about-the-library/library-policies

–          UOIT library site, follow the link to library policies & related documents under ‘About’ to get to this page:http://uoit.ca/sites/library/about_the_library/uoit-library-policy-and-related-documents/

Wilson- Johns, Tris. Personal interview. Novemeber 27th 2015.


About Librarian information and Tech at Durham

Librarian Information and Tech
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