Blog 8 – Group work Evaluation

  • Reflect on your small group assignment then answer the following questions:
  • 1. What worked well? Why?
  • My group split the work equally to dividing the project questions ( four people did question one , two people for question two and two people for question three)and buying the supplies for the activities.
  • Our group had group main meetings and two in between  to make sure the rough draft of the questions where done, the final report was done, what activities we were going to present and how and what and what supplies were needed to make the activities successful .
  • 2. Did having class time to work on the assignment help ensure your group was successful? Why?
  • I believe having in class time to work on the assigment help ensure our group time to be successful because everyone would be together discussing any problems or issues they be having to complete the assigment and the group wouldn’t have any problems getting someone who isn’t contributing to the group , we can regroup and compromise with them.
  • 3. Group work is one of the most important skills identified by employers and members of the LIT Program Advisory Committee. One of the skills that this assignment was designed to allow you to practice and demonstrate was your ability to “interact with others in groups or teams in ways that contribute to effective working relationships and the achievement of goals”. How effective was this assignment in helping you learn to work with others to achieve a goal?  Why?
  • This group assigment was very effective to learned to work with others to achieve because I was put in a group who were first not consider my friends since I just met them and was only was ” acquaintances” to them. I only wanted to work with my friends since I knew I work well with my friends. However, When I began working on the project I learn not only teamwork goals, but to become friends with the group and understand how they learn and work so our project can be successful. I felt I achieve more by putting my judgement of them behind me and let me be open with them, that how our team did it.  Communication was also a huge factor because most of us are introverts. As we came closer to becoming friends, we  spoke or express what we felt about  the project and that was important factor to this project because how were we suppose to present the assigment to the class with five activities stations without communication?  It would have been disastrous. I really really love my group from the beginning and end. Everyone pitch in and supported each other through the stressful periods of the project, in the end we had a successful assigment and I would not change one thing.
  • 4. Please provide constructive feedback about the group work aspect of this assignment. Complete the group evaluation sheet distributed in class.  Submit it at the beginning of class on Monday.FullSizeRender



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