Blog 7 : Archives museums, Record management and Special management Reflection Post

Question : Reflect on our visit to the Oshawa Community Museum and Archives, the archives notes you read for homework, the records management presentation and activity, the panel discussion with our special guests, and the group presentations made by your class-mates this week.  What new information did you learn about archives and museums, special libraries and records management?  How can it help you with your career?

Response : 

What I learned from visiting the Oshawa Community Museum and Archives, the archives notes you read for homework, the records management presentation and activity, the panel discussion with our special guests, and the group presentations made by your class-mates this week is chronicles Oshawa’s history from Aboriginal Iroquois settlers in 1400’s to 1950’s, History of the three houses and the family that lives there- contains maps, photos, letters ( War and love letters), diaries and some historical artifacts from them.- I learned terminology that is common for Archivist to use such as Provence and Respecting the Original order.  I learn at the Oshawa Community museum how they catalogue photos and documents – One of the LIT’s had to a project of  sorting the delicate donations – 7000 photos, cataloged by hand carefully, description based on what is depicted in the photo, organized by any known info (name, place, date) and the info derived from photos into sections and subsections and how they classify nineteenth century gravestones using the Motifs, type of stone and date descriptions. For an LIT’s to work in Archives, is they have to be able to be very detailed in keeping documents organize and correct, to do research, and be knowledgeable of the historical artifacts and documents and be able to give oral or hands on tour to the community or audience.  For records management, I learn what Record management keeps for documentation – Correspondences, transnational records and project files that are kept for polities and activities , cases of litigation, Safety and legal reasons since I had no knowledge of knowing what records management does. I learned the benefits of record management is access, decisions, continuity and effectiveness, liability, accounts and sometimes history. The terms I became familiar with is records retention period and disposal period and active and inactive documents. This will help with my career because I know for a fact record management is a career choice not for me. I enjoyed the presentation and hands on experience to practice cataloging documents with the record management classification ( process of a facilitate retrieval), however I felt overwhelm by the categories of where to place the documents since it could have gone in two or more categories. For special libraries, I learned how each collection from an special library is specific subject ( Hospital or Law office) and you can go overseas to work in special libraries which I find very intriguing and interesting because I been thinking of taking my career options overseas. I learn that in special libraries that sometimes your not label as a “Librarian information and technician” , you can be something else that still has the same skills that a LIT has.

Overall, I believe I finding more my self toward going into Archives because there always new pieces of history coming into museums or libraries, I love history and always want to know more of ” why” and ” How”. I am very curious about continuing education into archives that I spoke to one of the Archivist at the North Campus library and she told me to check out the Introduction to Archives diploma ( i believe) from the University of British of Columbia  if I wanted to continue the path of Archives.



One of houses from the OCM ( Oshawa community museum). Photography by Maddi


Type of Motif – The white dove was common for young children, meaning purity. Photography by Maddi Clark.


photography by Maddi Clark. Subject : Maddi Clark and the Gravestones of Oshawa first cemetery .


Oshawa’s ” First Cemetery” . Photography by Maddi Clark.


Serendipity of Oshawa Community Museum . Photography by Maddi Clark.


Henry and His wife Lucinda. Photography by Maddi Clark.


Harbor Pioneer Cemetery , Bonnie Brae Point . Photography by Maddi Clark.


Photography by Maddi Clark.


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