Week eight – Field Experience – Responsive Blog Post : Overview

Question : Describe your first day of Orientation  

Placement Dates : Academic Library 

October 22nd 2015  @ North Oshawa Library ( 8 :30 am  – 4 :30 pm)

October 29 th 2015 @ The faculty of Education ( Morning) & The faculty of Social science ( Afternoon) 8:30 am to 4 :30 pm

November 5 th 2015 @ North Oshawa library ( 8 :30 am – 4 :30 pm)

( Note : I added all three schedules since each day was neither the same or at different location)

North Oshawa campus library ( First day )


The Faculty of Education  and The faculty of Social Science ( Second day)

Time (Roughly)




Opening procedures & library tour

Education Library


Technical services processing – Sit at Service Desk so that circulation/reference transactions can be completed at the same time

Education Library



Education Library


Create shelf talkers

Education Library


Create themed book list and investigate new TRC titles to purchase for that area of the curriculum

Education Library


Walk to Social Science Library with Kate



Social Science Library


Periodical processing

Social Science Library


Circulation/Reference observation

Social Science Library



Social Science Library


Display preparation (plus further Service Desk observation)

Social Science Library

What I learned : I learned that the FOE ( Faculty of education) uses Dewey classification for the Durham college side and Library of congress for the University Of Ontario  institute of Technology  as well modify Dewey classification for their elementary, secondary and post- secondary textbooks. I learn how to make spine labels using the new DYMO label writer 450 twin turbo. At the faculty of Social science, I made a book list of Gender to see if the FOE has book, and if not, where can they purchase it. I work with discharging serials in the catalogue using Sirsi Dnyex and searching in the library database ( UOIT) for books, periodicals, info-graphics  journal entry on the subject ” Bullying” for the December’s display case.

North Oshawa campus library ( Day three and last day of placement)


Question Two : What are the explicit and implicit rules or procedures you learned on first day ? And how did you learn them ?  

Explicit rules : My job shadowed told me that I had to wear causal clothing either A long selves, shirt, skirt, dress pants or dress that is pass your knees. Shoes have to closed toe. That to be on time is critical and important especially for first impression . Follow the schedule and respect the library policy of not eating , not being disturbing to those on the Silent floors.

Implicit rules : be respectful, don’t be jargon, have a Colgate smile, feel approachable , be open minded.

Question three : What is the placement organization’s goals regarding library information services. 

When I was interviewing my job shadow, they said that the goals regarding library and information services The Durham College Library supports is the  academic pursuits of teaching, learning and research at the college.  While the primary focus of its collections is to serve the information needs of the college’s academic programs, it may also serve the needs of research and administration as funds allow. ( Durham college library Policies, 2015). The Durham library wants to supports the services of information resources online and in print to give the best advancement in teaching, learning and serving the students of Durham and UOIT community.

work cited 

Durham College Library Policy and Related Documents – Durham College – Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. (2015). Retrieved November 14, 2015, from http://www.durhamcollege.ca/student-experience/learning-spaces/library/about-the-library/library-policies


A large sculpture of what seems to be a old camera . Photography by Maddi Clark

A large sculpture of what seems to be a old camera . Photography by Maddi Clark

The Faculty of Education at a side glance. photography by Maddi Clark

The Faculty of Education at a side glance. photography by Maddi Clark

The Faculty of social sciences and humanities. Photography by Maddi Clark

The Faculty of social sciences and humanities. Photography by Maddi Clark


North Oshawa campus library ( Durham college/ UOIT). photograoghy by Maddi Clark. October 22 nd 2015.






For my first day, I wore a long black skirt, blue collar shirt and fitted jacket to give my employeer an impression that I was ready for the field and respected her work and rules.  Selfie. Photograpghy by Maddi Clark.October 22nd 2015.


Inside the faculty of Education. Photography by Maddi Clark

Inside the faculty of Education. Photography by Maddi Clark


About Librarian information and Tech at Durham

Librarian Information and Tech
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