Book talk – Halloween : The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall

Summary :
  Seventeen  year old Delia Piven and her family decides to take a trip to Peninsula state where recently Delia inherited her deceased great-aunt, Cordelia Piven house. However, This house is not just any house, It was once the Piven Institute for the Care and Correction of Troubled Females, otherwise an insane asylum nicknamed ” Hysteria Hall.” Although not all the inmates were not insane, more defiant and obdurate…kind like Delia herself. Then the house traps Delia, closing darkness and unsettling truths of the history of the house. The girls imprisoned by the house wander the halls in a time warped, a handsome boy who stays only on the grounds of the house never to go in side as Delia searches to uncover a way for her freedom from this haunting house to save her family and release the imprison girls. Welcome to Hysteria Hall. 

” In this Asylum, Your mind plays tricks on you all the time …. “ 

Happy halloween everyone !!! BOOOOO !!!  I decided to start making videos of books I recently read and enjoy to share for you. Since it’s Halloween, I went with a YA horror/ ghost story tale that has many twist and creepy turns great for this Halloween season. I love putting on the make up to get a ghost trap in the past look ! This is my first time filming so please bare with me if its not that great, I’m learning as I go on. I will try to post many booktalk videos every two weeks.  Trick or trick !

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This caption screams ” GHOST !!”


I try my best to give myself a ghost from the 20 th century look ?


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