Field Experience – Job shadow placement… Am I ready for the next step ?

Question –

Do you believe that you are prepared for your job shadow placement? If so, why? If not, why not?  What have you learned to date in the program  that will help you ensure your job shadow placement is a success ?

Answer :

Do I feel ready to take what I learn from the six weeks of college to go to my first shadow placement at a academic library that I have no experience of ? If I was wondering about this question the first week of classes, I would be racing out the nearest door with smoke trailing behind me. Now, having classes about learning how to ask proper reference and informational interviews, how to suggest books to Users, how to know what an open and closed question should be answered, what types of resources ( dictionaries, encyclopedias, Handy facts and more)I can use to help with User’s needs and inquiries and how to shelf Dewey and library of congress, I feel ready to get into the field and test myself to see if I m ready to  work in a library or academic library. Also, I learned what I need to know about getting prepared for first impression for the job shadow placement. I learn how to be more professional in my resume and cover letter, to be dressed and vocally. I did a co op placement for my second semester of high school and I fell into being a librarian tech of assisting students and teachers for research, recreation and education development. I love working in the environment and if, I love working in a school environment,then who to say I will love working in a academic library. I want to prove to myself, that I can do it and be successful with all the new information and knowledge from my class to show at my job shadow placement and learn something new from them and see if I want to work in a academic library.


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