About Citations – Zotero and Knightcite

Citation is very critical and is important to have it correct so you are not caught for Academic dishonesty and plagiarism especially if you do it purposely or accidently. Cited someone else’s words and work including your own is acknowledging the research and work they put into. To make sure, there are various ways of citing your work – APA style or MLA style etc. You can hand write it or use resourceful Cite/ bib sites to give you proper citations.

For reviewing a citation site I decided to try out Zortero since I never been introduce to Zortero when I was taught to cite my work back in seventh grade. And I think the name was very unusually for a citation manager. First, you have to sign up with your email account, then download to your MacBook or laptop. This is where I got in a tricky situation – after downloading to your computer, the website opens the Zortero Icon for you which I assume you start making citations but all it had “Add library” “Groups” and “ Edit” citations.  I was very confused at this point because I didn’t know what step to take next. I went back to the website to the help guides and it basically show me what you do when you click the Zortero icon which I ALREADY knew. I went back to write on Word to start typing my assignment when I notice on my ribbon there was ZOTERO! I was in complete joy that I can complete my assignment in time. That is until I click on the Add citation icon and a textbox pop up and to my suprise; you need Firefox to be open up to used even though I specifically click for it to be open up in Google Chrome home page. I almost lost it there. This, free website is supposed to assists me with editing citation so I acknowledge the person work that wasn’t my own and not get caught for plagiarism and so far I have been having difficulties to use it . The frustration for this website was infectious that I decided to use another citation site that I felt less distress and have proper citations because another thing about Zotero is that sometimes does not make a proper citation. I decided to try Knightcite that was suggested by a few classmates who had used it before. I found it amazing and effectively right away and gave me the proper citation for APA to cite my blog. Knightcite is a citation by Calvin college that does MLA, APA and chicago citation. Knightcite is easy to navigate and effective.   I suggest those who want Zotero to have downloaded Firefox to use if they do not like Knight cite and those who can’t download Zotero to use Knightcite.

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Work Citation

Clark, M. (2015, October 1). About Citations – Zotero and Knightcite . In word press. Retrieved October 1, 2015, from https://maddimclark.wordpress.com/category/information-services-1-ltils2301/

Work Citation

Clark, Maddi ( September 9 2015) Information services 1 -LTILS2301 ( Librarian information and tech at Durham) retrieved  on September 30 2015 from https://maddimclark.wordpress.com/category/information-services-1-ltils2301/


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