OLA Article – Do it yourself readers advisory – Empowering the user

The article ” Do it yourself reader advisory – Empowering the User”  is from  the Ontario library Association book shelf  and it reflects on how libraries are finding solutions to get more Users -more toward teens- to ask Reader Advisors librarians to assist them for finding a book to read or looking for research preference. It is very important because there are many types of Users who come in the library daily- the ones who are shy and tend to be independent on finding books by their selves and the ones who also don’t come to the library for reasons such as transportation accessibility, mobile issues, communicating issue and the ones who don’t even know that such service exist- and libraries need to have ways for all users to use their service from within the library and not at the library.  Libraries use display cases, events, and newsletters and use programs online such as Novelist, Goodreads, Shelfari, and, What should I read next to inform both in-house and remote User’s to give service and be more aware of the service their library offers. Libraries are also becoming digital by getting books on EBook, Audio and large print for those who are audio listening’s or is traveling on a trip and don’t want to take large books with them.

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