Job shadow placement announcement – Field Experience 1

Today I found out where I be going to job shadow for my field experience class.



My job shadowed placement is at the Durham College/ UIOT Library! I am beyond grateful and happy to be able to do my first job shadow at the Durham college/UIOT library and it sisters – UIOT Social Sciences Library, UOIT Education Library, and Durham College Whitby Library.

My top three choices for the field placement job shadows were:

  1. Durham College / OUIT library
  2. Oshawa Community museum
  3. Port Hope Archives

I really wanted the two top choices because it was convenient to ride the transit bus there and back and I locally lived in Oshawa ( I lived at Durham college residence) since I moved to Oshawa for college. Also I had experience working at a school library and I wanted to know the difference and similarities to working in an academic library. I wanted to work in the community museum because I am OBSESS with history and I love learning new information and facts. I wanted to get to know more of Oshawa history since I know nothing about the local history of Oshawa. For my third choice I wanted Port Hope Archives because I been thinking of what field of Libraries and I think I want to go into archives or into school libraries because I really love working with students and staff and information and knowledge of history.

Three reason why my job shadow would be worth it to do is so I can observe and learn from experience librarians who have learned and gather information of their years working in varieties of libraries and I want to know what it like to work in an academic library and see how different academic libraries are compare to public libraries.


About Librarian information and Tech at Durham

Librarian Information and Tech
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