When looking for a new book to read or recommendation I tend to use Public library sites, Book-tubers videos of book hauls, Novelist plus 8, Chapters website, and Epic Reads page of new books and maybe, if I’m in the mood I check Goodreads. Other than that I barely check websites to help find me a ‘‘good’’ book. For my assignment was to use a Reader Advisory resource that I have never use or heard before. I decided on registering for Shelfari (powered by Amazon) where a lot of book magic take place.  Since I never use Shelfari before, I had to register to sign up. I click the button and it brought me to the sign up page – which I assume was the same layout as Facebook- it ask a few questions, you give a username and some. No. Instead I get this.

sign in problems

Warning for all: Apparently you need to have an Amazon account. And yes, you have to sign up. There’s no escape.

After making account it brings you to your homepage and there its shows all what is on your Home. There is a shelf were you Add Books to, what you are planning to read and what you already read. Also, there is a reading Content and reading goals page.


So how do you find a good book?

when clicking for book information

To start, you click on the search tab and type in a book you heard of or have read before. It then takes you to a list of the book you wrote and you click on the cover – there it brings to a page where the following:

  • Variations of the book title and cover, click, summary, characters descriptions , year publish, quotes from the book , set and location , stars , author
  • organization – if the book has any / what type
  • first sentence / First free chapt
  • table of content/ glossary
  • Themes & symbolism
  • Extras
  • Notes to Parents
  • Series list
  • Classification
  • Subjects, popular tags
  • More books like this
  • Reviews of readers who enjoy and didn’t like the book

When you “Add” book to shelf there is a box where it gives you a chance to review, discuss and like and state opinion on the book so other viewers can see. I found it very long and annoying because if you just want to press “Add to shelf” or “I’m planning to read” you still have to go through all that content.

My issue with Shelfari is that it can be useful for looking for new read s for all ages and types of genres although it can get very annoying for a viewer who does not want to go through all the content and wants to do a quick search. I also stumble when I saw that Shelfari was powered by Amazon- I look at Amazon website and there no “Shelfari” listed. I also don’t like the name “Shelfari” it keeps reminding me of Safari and makes book readers confused when I mention this RA website. “Why use Safari to find a new book?” they asked me – Ugh.  My last issue with Shelfari is that the webpage layout turns me away because of how outdated it looks. I know you not supposed to judge a book by it’s a cover – but if you look at the webpage it seem old and makes you wonder if you are going to find a book that’s recent or brand new. However,  it does have both new and old.

Sincerely,  Avid Reader who loves searching for new ” good” books


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