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Today I use Novellist plus 8  and I think  inner book lover is literally screaming of rainbows and gumdrops !  I am always looking for new  publishing websites , you-tuders and library websites for next new great YA fiction to read since I m a avid reader and need to consume more books in my life. I love , love options and when I found Novellist from my public library account which I had no clue they had it at all ( shame to the librarians who never told me about it ! ) and took me too the site, I scream internally since I am in the middle of class right now speed typing on how exciting this website is.  I love recommending Readers books to read all the time  and hearing about other Readers book recommendations. I believe Novellist plus 8 is a GREAT way to look for new reads and recommendations from the book you recently read.  Every reader , avid or beginner should be using this as a tool for next reads or looking for books that they found they enjoy such as The infernal devices by Cassandra Clare or The Steampunk Chronicles by Kady Cross.  Also what’s spectacular of Novel list is that if you write in the search bar  the book you recently read, and click on the information of the book, on the right there is READ-ALIKES and there is where you can find books that have the same genre, fast pace or slow, character similarities and much more. Novellist also have list of best books for children, teens and adult fiction, nonfiction recommendations and fiction recommendations and reading levels and grab and go books. It is a very good website to check for Reader Advisory.

Enjoy Book lovers and RA librarains .

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