Informational Interview – Part one .

To start off, I never really done a proper information interview before. I had gone to my hometown public libraries or school libraries as a pre-teen to introduce myself, ask for for the books I m looking for and then ask a few typical question you ask about their job; what they enjoyed about or how challenging is it. At the time, I was still curious about job options and had no idea I would be actually going  into post-secondary to become a librarian. Now as first year student, in the library information and technician, I began to learn how to communicate properly as a librarian to Users and go more in depth of what librarians do behind the reference desk or books selves. I am very excited and quite apprehensive for the first assignment. I learned the difference between a cold call informational interview and a warm call informational interview in class and some tips on what to say to the interviewee. But to be honest, I was a little stress for the amount of time we had for the assignment.  I like to plan when and who I like to speak too and give a day in advance so then I can go over what information I want and need to get from the interview.  However in the end, I felt very confident in myself and more certain to do it again in the near future.  For the information interview, I decided to warm call a teacher librarian who I had the honor to work beside for my co-op placement for my last second semester of high school.

The three questions I ask my Interviewee were:

  1. Can you describe one of your typical work days?
  2. What are two things you enjoy working at your work placement and two challenging at your work place?
  3. Are there any recommended courses or preparations to take that I should considered before proceeding further with college?

My three questions were fully answer and my interviewee gave me more information than I needed which I think is a definite positive of the interview because I love having more information I need and I learned more about what its like on a daily bases of being a  teacher librarian  than being a librarian technician. The interviewee describe her day very thoroughly with detail timetable and what kind of client service she gives which is being an agile librarian.  What was a negative about the interview is that I found it rush and in a hurry since my interviewee has a very tight and busy timetable. Also, I like speaking to face to face with people when I have questions about their work experience and how they decided to choose their career path. What I learned from the interview is that I should expand from reading teen fiction to adult fiction and nonfiction and beyond that.  I should also keep up with current events that is from the community, local, national and globally from the news, newspaper and social media so I can manage new information and knowledge for Users who wants update information.

End note:  I also added at the end if there was anyone else than herself she can recommend me to speak to a different type of librarian because I may have more questions in the future that she may not have the answer or know of someone who can give a better response to mine questions.  She told me to email or call Ontario Library Information Technicians Association and see if there a librarian in any of the field to mentor me to get new job skills and new hands on experience.I find warm emailing very easy for me since I knew and work with the interviewee, however if I were to do a cold call/ email in the near future, I would do a face to face informational interview because then I can see what the interviewee is saying and doing when he/ her are being interview.


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