The five laws of library science ( Rananathan’s Law )

  1. Books are for use.
  • Resources, location, faculties and location are now more accessible to people
  • Longer hours of service ( open Saturdays and Sundays , Winter/ fall hours, Summer/ Spring hours )
  • Digitalization – books are being downloaded to E books, audio books, DVDs , computers access, Free Wi-Fi,  larger print ( etc.)
  • Select the materials the patrons will used
  • Having libraries near or in other services ( example: sport centres)
  1. Every Reader is His or her Book
  • Diverse interests – different genres, nonfiction and fiction satisfy patrons
  • Access to all information and readings
  • To understand Patrons needs/ wants , librarians must find what they want
  • Have a fair amount of multiple collections ( not too much of one subject)
  • To have books for all patrons
  1. Every book Its reader
  • A book is useful for every individual
  • Every book has its own place/ belonging
  • Organize in a way patrons can access quickly & efficient
  • Librarians should announce new books with newsletters/ posters/ websites
  • Have the proper classification for the type of library
  1. Save the time of the Reader
  • Librarians should have the books in area that is quick access to all quickly and effectively
  • Have library classify into the three main classifications ( Dewey, Colon, Library of congress) to find books for user’s quickly
  • Provide guides and booklets for patrons that are efficient and easy to access for materials, books, texts and audio and video
  • Have the proper staff that are available and know their library
  1. The library is a growing organism
  • The library is always growing with new materials of fiction & non fiction
  • Digitalization
  • Digital / visual reference desk service
  • New programs and events
  • Growing and developing of content of information and knowledge

My thoughts on Ranganathan’s Law:

I believe that Ranganathan’s law of Librarianship represent the philosophy of library and information professionals today because there are more libraries being service than just a public libraries – academic, special, national and archives – for all users who can access it quickly and efficiently . Today’s libraries  are now focusing on making sure user’s know what material they have to offer – to find more ways for users to use the libraries whether its  events and programs they have for those who want to know how to use technology , after school events, book clubs and authors to come visit and much more. Also libraries are wanting to know what the users want in their collection and have a much more diverse collection to serve the users what they want. More libraries are having not only paper books but having them on audio or on E-book. Libraries today are opening the hours longer during the fall/winter and spring/summer and hiring more staff to work more with users and growing a bigger collection and space in the cataloged.


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