The Agile & Rigid Librarian’s

There are two types of librarians.

One – The Agile librarian .

Two – The Rigid Librarian.

What the difference between the two if  clients may ask because is a librarian have the  same goals? Not quite.

Agile librarians 

  • Give Users* a positive experience
  • Deliver Results and Service
  • Provide professional services
  • Not only find books, materials and resources for a client but will introduced to new materials that the user will like
  • Agile Librarians must know print and outline information services that is available elsewhere ( E book, Kindle, Amazon etc.)
  • Main mission is for what the client wants and needs – Proactive and Reactive information services
  • Agile librarians never want to have a user fend for themselves
  • Will want to have more services for users for the weekends and nights

Rigid Librarians 

  • Bad customer service – rude, may not approachable , speak to users as if they useless and can’t do anything when they need assistance finding information
  • Feeling annoyance, vocal and body language annoyed
  • Expert of expertise
  • Have demanding professional standards
  • Fears the change of role task orientated services
  • May send user somewhere else they not suppose to go so they do not have to deal with them

I had received both types of service .  Good and just plain awful.

When I was still living in North Bay, The public library was my weekly visit and most of librarian’s  in the Children/Juniors/Tweens fiction  knew who I was and expected my visit every Thursday’s and Saturday’s.  The  two librarians always look up from their screens, with a bright smile on their face greeting me as I would come to the desk and ask for what is new in section. Not only did they show me what was new or the theme of the month, they held books that they thought I would be intrigue in and enjoy a lot – It didn’t matter if it was on bugs or mystery thriller, I still love it .  When I had projects for school; they would show me where the sources are or if they didn’t have in the library to where to get it  and how. Then the next time I come in they would ask for a update on how assignment went and if I needed any more books or resources for last minutes research. They are super nice and lovely characters of  ladies who meet my needs and wants when I came for my visits to the library . They were definitely Agile librarians because they care for the users needs and wants, always ready to assistant with a problems or if a user cannot find the content they are looking for and always had a fun fact to share. They share announcements for what was happening at the library or around the city and what programs they were offering in the fall and wintertime.

The worst service I had  received was at the same library, however, it was in the teen adult section of the library and there was a older lady who was rude and not approachable at all. She would never smile or give hint she was actually interested in what I was asking for when I needed help looking for a author or a book for school project. She would not guide me to where the book section was place or wrote it down for the matter .  I have to fend for my selves when I was looking for books for assignments because there was no one else when she was working and told me I could do it myself.Before I move to Kingston I went to return all my books back to the library and  she was at the return desk and I said ” Good Evening.” and she completely ignore me as she grab my books to be shelf. I double check to make sure I had all the library books back before leaving. When I move to Kingston a few weeks later I received a letter saying I did not return a book ( Pretty little lairs book 2 ) and I would get charge if I didn’t get it back. I remember returning because it was a bright color dusk jacket and would not get misplace in my collection of books- since I don’t have any Pretty Little Lairs books. I call the lady back and told her my story ( she did not believe me at all). After a week I got a letter, saying if I didn’t bring the book back I would be suspended from the public library – EVEN though I got the book back and told them  I place them in the return area where you have to wait for all books to be check in before you can leave!! To this day I still don’t have the book and read the pretty little lairs books for all the trouble it cost me.  This story is a rigid librarian because one, she was not helpful when I needed help, two, she left me to look for books I had no clue where to look and three, she lost the book I return and I know return it because it does not exist in my home, nor shall it.

As you can see, librarians can work in the same building , have the same job titles but have complete mission on how they interact and approach with their users.


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