Do you have any information on …coffee?

A proper Reference Interview

[Scene: Library reference Desk from a College library .]

                Before: Erec has an essay due in two days about the coffee, mainly on health risk when consuming coffee. He knew it was due soon however he ignore it since he thought he had a lot of time to write it up since he had Google and Wikipedia to use however he found out that his teacher will take marks off for using Wikipedia as a source.

[Erec walks into the library, only seeing the inside of the building for the first time since being at college for a month. The front of the building is an enormous open concept with high ceiling skylights, to the right is a wall separating the computer area and to the left is rows and rows of book selves. To those who love to go to the library; it is a place of tranquilly where you can study and get lost in the words of knowledge and information. To Erec, he is already lost on where to even go to search for a single book for his assignment. He pauses at the door to see a round desk with a lady wearing a large print name tag and a bright orange shirt – that screams “Look I ‘m right here for anything!”- tapping loudly on the keyboard while staring at the screen in front of her, however, she looks as if she ready to jump her attention to anyone who passes by to greet them.  Erec walks up to the desk as he places his bag on the ground just as  he assume earlier, the women glances up from her screen immediately, with a wide Colgate smile. Her smile is reassuring as though she knows how he feeling at the exact moment.

Librarian: Hello, Welcome to the Reference desk. My Name is Rachelle. How can I be of your assistant today?”

Erec: “Hi….I need some information….on coffee?  It’s for a group project and I only have two days to complete my share of the project. ”

Rachelle: [She nods. Then reaches for  pen and note paper from the desk and placing it on top of the counter for Erec to see.]  “What type of information do you need about coffee?”

Erec:  [More relax than before, He rethinks what he really needs for the assignment] “I need materials on recent studies of consuming coffee and the health risks. Mostly of articles of the last five years and books on caffeine and health risks. ”

[He bends down to grab his backpack out that is fill with notebooks, binders, and loose paper.  He pulls out a staple blue package that has his assignment guidelines. He points to his part of the assignment in which he briefly explains while Rachelle listens intently as she scribbles on her page.  When Erec is done speaking, Rachelle moves her computer screen over to show Erec homepage of the library catalogued search page.

Rachelle:  [While typing in coffee and health risk in the key bar.] “What information have you already research by yourself?  If you have, what can you give me to help me find more materials that you need?”

Erec:  [gives a shrug and slightly smiles] “Mostly random Google searches and Wikipedia. They’re very handy searches!”

Rachelle: [smiles] Both Google and Wikipedia are great sources to start off however not always accurate and do not make great citation and Bibliography for researches assignments.  You want recent materials in books and articles of new findings for the health risks that coffee is harming in the human body?”

Erec: “Yes.”

Rachelle: [Points to screen to show the listings of and articles related to his topic.] I can give the most recent books and articles that are related to your research topic and if you need any assistant to where we keep them, I can point to the right direction for you.” [Tears of paper of items of where to find the books and articles and hands it to Erec who gratefully accepts knowing he will be able to finish his assignment in time.]

Erec: Are you able to show me where most of them are? I have not been in the library before and I don’t have great sense of direction. ”

Rachelle: I can show you and if you need any other materials or have any more questions I can gladly answer them for you. Also you can come back any time before your project due for anymore help.

Erec: I will, thank you very much, Rachelle. I will take that in consideration for next assignment as well.

The end.


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