OPTION B: Blog Post 7 – Evaluation – due 15.04.16 @ 11:59pm


In this situation the university, the librarain did not follow how to answered a proper online reference question by not giving state of name of the library, for not restating the question  and not understanding the question at all. I think the librarain did not even research who Messi ( A professional soccer player) .


In this situation the university, the parton should go to the reference desk to tell one of the librarains to tell them the security guards that if they are in the quiet zone, they need to quiet down.


In this situation the university library should be aware that students in the red zone are being distracting to the other students and will be asked to be silent or be removed from sercuity if asked.



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Blog Post 13 : GIS – Introduction



Maddi Bookstore Tour : https://tourbuilder.withgoogle.com/tour/ahJzfmd3ZWItdG91cmJ1aWxkZXJyEQsSBFRvdXIYgIDA2d2kqQkM



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BLOG 6a & 6b

1. Download two data sets from government websites.

¤Top baby names, Ontario

¤Freedom of Information requests, Toronto

2.Upload a data set into Google Fusion tables (baby names)

3.Filter a data set

4. Upload another data set into Google Fusion tables    FOI requests)

5. Choose a variable to summarize in chart form


My name is Maddison and there were 46 female babies named Maddison in 197 and the most female names was in 2010 and there was 52 Female name babies named Maddison.


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Reflect…Blog Post 7 – budgeting – due Saturday March 25th @ 11:59pm

Reflect…Blog Post 7 – budgeting – due Saturday March 25th @ 11:59pm

  • Return to your home group with your new budget
  • Discuss your mixed staff group’s decision
  • Reflect… Use Excel to create a budget for the library that addresses (or does not address!) the interests of the employees/board and the community, and the fact that the SOLS databases are no longer available for free. Now, your library must pay $1,256.00/year to access the databases. Include the cost of the databases in your new budget.  Be sure to balance the budget with a 5% cut or a 1% increase to your budget.  Briefly defend your budget decisions for a cut or an increase. Post your Excel spreadsheet as a Google Spreadsheet on your blog, and make sure I can open it and click on the cells to view your formulas. 

Here is the Link to the Excel spreadsheet 


Reason  for Budget

I did the 5 %  cut to everyone since we had to now pay more for databases and that the year before materials had the 1 % increase.

Utilities & facilities, Phone & fax, Internet stay the same since it is a fixed budget.

Staff training was cut again since there will not be any new permeant positions for 2017.

The library is only taking on volunteer students and unpaid field placement students in the LIT program.

Computers was cut by $500 because the library already bought new computers in the last two years and have no issue with them.

Materials had a cut but had a bigger increase to AV since more of the patrons ( Adults included) prefer to listen to books than reading them from a recent survey. Patron hardly are reading a lot of magazines, and prefer

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Blog Post 6 – Part A – Planning and organizing YOUR work – due Saturday March 11th @ 11:59pm

Use the ST/AR interview answer format to answer the following interview question:

In this position, you will be responsible for supervising student volunteers.  There are between 10-12 student volunteers at the library.  You will be expected to supervise these students, in addition to planning and delivering weekly children’s programming activities and events, writing monthly reports about goals and achievements in your department, working at the reference desk 8-10 hours per week and assisting with library-wide projects.  Describe a situation where you’ve had a similar workload and describe how you’ve successfully managed your time to accomplish your work. 

Make sure it is OBVIOUS what the situation or task was, the ACTION that you took, and the RESULTS.  Remember to use identify what YOU did!  This is YOUR chance to sell yourself!   Make sure you use the keywords from the interview question in your answer:  TIME MANAGEMENT

  • Situation
  • Task
  • Action
  • Result

Situation –  When I was doing placement at my high school library, I was asked to assist a two-day job with the summer school program to create reports, catalogue and check in and out textbooks and tools for the summer school students and/or teachers. My teacher -librarian and mentor at the time had work with them before and had conflicts with them about them not listening and following instructions. Since my mentor could not be there the day they ask since of a injury, they requested me. 

Task –  My task was simple. I was to come in to give them training with the database, create reports and set up an excel spreadsheet of all the student’s information and check in and out books for them that they requested at all. 

Action –  The day I went in, they were surprise to see me because apparently, they already finished the job without help and was meant to call me not to come in. It was not five minutes later they had a issue. The “report” had disappeared, none of the books were actually in the library system, nor where they in a report for them and half the collection was not needed.  I had to check in all 900 textbooks and check them all out again and create the report that was not in  the system and process some of the textbooks. 

Result  – I ended up doing a two day job within a six hour time frame. I was determined to clean up the situation that was not meant to even happen. I quickly create a Trello account and lay out tasks I had to get done and asked for one more person to assist with me. I created a color corrindated list of task for myself to do, what the summer program coordinator had to do.  I accomplished not only to catalogue all the books back in the system, create a new report for them to keep track of each student and teacher who had them, I learned not to walk away from a job or get angry with the conflict at hand. I could have told them to fix it themselves and walk away. Instead I train them and show them how not to make repeat the same mistake again. I sent a week later instructions to the head of the summer school program about what to do at the  end of the summer when the books have to go back on the shelf in the textbook room. 


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Blog Post 5: Tech Tuesdays @ North of T-Bay PL – due March 4th @ 11:59pm

Blog Post 5:  Tech Tuesdays @ North of T-Bay PL – due March 4th @ 11:59pm

Option one:  Tech Tuesday  Presentation

Create a SHORT training presentation about how to use a freely accessible piece of software or technology tool like VENNGAGE  or Piktochart or Camtasia

 Make sure that it’s accessible to staff who are visual learners, audio learners, techno wizards and techno neophytes. 

 Identify on your blog post how you’ve incorporated UDL into your training presentation.

 You can write a one-page report, create a video, cartoon, PowerPoint, Prezi… your choice!

I did a tutorial on Vennage with Powerpoint : vennage

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Blog Post 4 -Blog Post 4 – PLR and CC – due Saturday February 11th @ 11:59pm

Complete Part One and Part Two.

Part one:  What is the Public Lending Right Program?  Why was it established? Post your answers on your blog.  Read:  Toronto Public Library sadly embraces ‘culture of free‘ (By: Noah Richler Published on Sat Dec 20 2014).  What is TPL’s policy now?  What are the issues presented by Richler? What do YOU think? Why? Post your answer on your blog.


The Public Lending Right Program is the payments for Canadian authors to have access to their works such as a books, translations, illustrations and photography that is peer-reviewed or popular. This program was established to authors to get their payment for the cost of their books. The official date for this will be Feb 15th 2017. In the article, Toronto Public Library sadly embraces ‘culture of free‘ is about getting new Canadian books for less of the price. ONLY the books that are very popular on demand and on the best seller lists and awards list such as the Scotiabank Giller and Governor-General’s Literary Award for Fiction. I see both sides, however I think I disagree with the decision. As a reader, I know that books are hefty since the dollar has been decreasing in the last years, that publishers double the amount of the book its worth on audio and e-books. I love getting books on sale, online with BookOutlet.ca and Book Depository for less. If I really love the book after reading in the library, I run to the nearest bookstore and grab a copy and advance copies are the best. I like reading them and reviewing them.  THIS however, is cheap and feels out of respect to the writers. I understand if this was a way for a smaller library, however this is the Toronto Public Library- largest in our country – that is wanting to turn away from buying the books and using a silly system that only wants certain books only for when it’s in season. Writers do not make millions or thousands of dollars that people think they do. Books net are always dropping and increasing. Some books one month will do well, while others not so much.

It’s not fluffy clouds and rainbows! Not every author is a prize Scotia Bank Giller.  In an article, Can you afford to be a writer? from the Toronto Star, Author Thurston breaks down the proceeds of a book: traditionally the author gets 10 per cent — so $3 for a $30 book — the bookseller gets 40 per cent, so $12, and the publisher would get the rest: $15 (Dundas, 2014).  Writing a book is not a overnight job. It can take years for a book to be finished and then published. Readers do not know the process of finishing a draft to a completed book for it to be in store. Its tough work. When I went to a author event in October, An author who is a best seller in the New York Times She went through many rejections and at least three publishers before her books made it to a shelf. She is a American author. It is much harder for Canadian authors. The cost of her time writing and pushing for her book to be on a shelf is more than what authors are being paid for. Another author, I met who is Canadian has a second job. She is not a writer full-time, its her side job.  Another issue is the small amount of changes from the Copyright Act in 2012. It may have slight chances to the education, but it has reduced the income for writers significantly. What about for new debut authors?

They say Libraries are writers are their best friends. Right? This is like punching the writer in the face.  How are libraries supporting writers if to getting their books the cheapest way. I rather the libraries purchase books by from Amazon and big box stores such as Walmart and Costco. Writers should feel that their books mean something more and that rich and prosper libraries such as the Toronto Public Libraries can afford books. Embracing the “Culture is free” is fair and fine, this program is not.

  1. I am sorry if this a better alternative for libraries to get more books in for the public to access, I will not support this “program” to get more access for the public.  Looking at the Toronto Public Library guidelines for the program,  I agreed for what you are wanting for the collection but the ones that are not popalur or not on your list – where do they go? In the pile for book sales that’s where. I just think this is not the option espically since they want to promote authors. 

Work Cited 

Dundas, D. (2014). Can you afford to be a writer? | Toronto Star. thestar.com. Retrieved 6 February 2017, from https://www.thestar.com/entertainment/books/2014/11/08/can_you_afford_to_be_a_writer.html

Featured Image 

Photography by Maddi Clark, 2016. 

Part two:  Go to Creative Commons.  Find an image with a CC by 2.0 licence.  Create a citation for it. Post the image and your citation on your blog.


Image by Region of Waterloo Library. CC.2.0


encoded link –

a rel=”license” href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/”><img alt=”Creative Commons Licence” style=”border-width:0″ src=”https://i.creativecommons.org/l/by-nc/4.0/88×31.png&#8221; /></a><br />This work is licensed under a <a rel=”license” href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/”>Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License</a>.

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